L to R: Wanda Carter - Utilization Review Clerk; Lillian Watson, RN - Department Head; Amanda Mullins - Assistant Case Manager and Patient Discharge Planner

As an RN with certification as a legal nurse consultant from LSU-A, Sue serves as an educator to staff in legal issues relating to health care. The office of case management also works to ensure that state and federal guidelines are implemented and followed. Sue and her staff also work closely with the hospital's medical malpractice and workman's compensation insurance carrier to guarantee appropriate reporting and legal representation is made available.

As the Infection Control Surveillance Nurse, Wanda is responsible for reviewing all positive infections that are reported through the hospital's lab. This includes outpatients, emergency room and hospitalized patients. Each positive report is assessed to determine that the patient is receiving the appropriate medication for the type of infection that they have. Wanda works closely with the physicians at Riverland and our community to assure that they have accurate and timely reporting to ensure correct treatment of the patients.

Department Head - Lillian Watson, RN

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Hotline Alert Number 
Contact Riverland Medical Center online at rmc.alertline.com

Wanda Durham, RN - Infection Control/Employee Health

1-318-757-6551 ext. 462


Case Management/Infection Control/Employee Health

Ferriday, Louisiana


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